A whiskey isn't a drink

It's a distillation of time and place, of love and aspiration.


A contemporary approach, paralleled with tradition

The Bird is a single malt whiskey that's best shared, to create the memorable experiences that make life matter.

Mark Twain

It's four years worth of experiences bottled in glass and cork.

Four years worth of hard work, of chasing curiosities, of laughter in the face of challenges. Memories that spring forth when you sit and open the bottle.

Four years worth of experiences that ride upon the flavours of the land, tended to for over 60,000 years.

An artisanal monument to quality, tradition, & what life's all about, The Bird calls you to stop, sit, and sip. Reflecting on what matters and what's still to come, as you savour the taste of the four years behind every drop.

The Bird calls.